I started playing this with the original set, 3 black books in a white box.  I still have some of the figures waiting to be repainted.  No slotta bases then.

I don't play very often now as I prefer historical games, but its still good for a game now and then.

I have painted Dwarves and Vampire Counts, plus unpainted Bretonnians and Orcs & Goblins.




These are a few pictures of a few units.  The top pair are my Ironbreakers and Miners.  The bottome two are Slayers and one of the warrior units.  All told I have 3000pts painted up, with the army being blue themed.  Plenty of warmachines too.  This is my favourite army in Warhammer, tough, solid and dependable.


Vampire Counts


Here they are, my Necrarch or Carstein horde.  90% plastic as the metal figures cost too much, even before the kids came along.

A fun army at times, although last time they just fell apart after the Vampire got sniped by a Chaos sorceror.  :-(


When hell freezes over I might just get the others painted up, but it's not likely to be honest.