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A Peter Pig WW2 game, I like this set of rules.  You often don't get to do everything you want to do and frustration plays a major part in them.  Fun though.

I use the same figures for this as I do for BKC, it saves money which is always a good thing with a wife and kids about.


I have recently painted up some wrecked vehicles as objectives.  Here they are

A Sherman and Sd 251 Hanomag first

Then a Tiger!



I tend to use the following forces for my games.


German Luftwaffe Field Company         384pts  Average Quality

CC (SMG), 2 Panzerknacker Panzerschreck     48pts

Platoon 1                                                        104pts

    PC(SMG), 4 LMG, 2 Rifle/Panzerfaust, 3 Rifle

Platoon 2                                                        104pts

    Same as Platoon 1

Flak Platoon                                                    72pts

    2 Flak 20mm & tow, 2 LMG

    1 Flak 88  & tow

Panzerjager Platoon                                       56pts

    2 Marder IIIM


Lots of LMG's, as these are the Germans strong point.  The Flak 20's are deadly against light armour and infantry, while the 88 attracts fire like a magnet.



I have also painted up a pair of French R-35's, as they were used by 2nd echelon units in Normandy.



Russian Infantry                                    400pts    Raw Quality

CC(SMG)                                                12pts

Platoon 1                                               60pts

    PC(SMG), 2 LMG, 6 Rifle, 1 ATR, 1 Flamethrower

Platoon 2                                               60pts

    As Platoon 1

Platoon 3                                                53pts

    As Platoon 1, but no flamethrower

Mortar Platoon                                        36pts

    PC(Pistol), 3 Medium Mortars

MG Platoon                                             48pts

    PC(SMG), 4 HMG

Tank Platoon                                          72pts

    3 KV-1

Tank Platoon                                          69pts

    3 T-34/76


Human wave attacks rule, as you get to recycle your Raw infantry units!  URRAH STALIN!!!!!!

Again, I have loads of other bits, such as 45mm AT guns, Su-76 and JS-II's.


Japanese Infantry                                    399pts   Average Quality

CC(pistol)                                                14pts

Platoon 1                                                117pts

    PC(pistol), 3 LMG, 6 Rifle, 1 Light Mortar

Platoon 2                                                117pts

    As Platoon 1

Gun Platoon                                            50pts

    PC(pistol), 2 Rifle, 2 37mm AT Guns

Gun Platoon                                            49pts

    PC(pistol), 3 70mm IG

Tank(!) Platoon                                        52pts

    2 Te-Ke   (oooohhh, so scary)


Again, there are options such as 47mm AT guns, Chi-Ha tanks etc.  Again, no decent AT capability, but its in the Jungle.



I am planning to get some Americans and maybe some Finns.



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