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I play Lord of the Rings with my sons, Christopher and Michael.  Michael is really into it and almost all the stuff is his.  Last Christmas he got a Mumakil and he also has both castles that GW did.  I have painted lots of his figures, but I find it hard to paint stuff for somebody else, even when it's my son!


 BALROG!  Its big, black and hard........a bit like licorquice.



One painted Mumakil with Haradrim crew.  For a £50 model its a terrible fit, I used plenty of green stuff to make it fit.  Not to good really.

Some assorted heroes, with a few Uruk berserkers thrown in too.

Riders of Rohan and some Uruk swordsmen.  The Uruks were easy to paint, wish I could say the same for the Rohirrim.


I have painted over 100 figures for LotR so far, with no sign of the waiting list shrinking.  Only 5 Trolls to paint, although I have done the Balrog now.  Pictures to follow.


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