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FoW for Ebay

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years ago

This is just a few pictures of 15mm Flames of War stuff I paint for ebay.


Some Falschirmjagers, painted up last month and sold in January 2008


and some Commandoes I painted and sold a while ago.



These are not technically for ebay, but they are for some gentlemen I first sold too through ebay.  One collects Germans and the other collects Americans.

First up, a German 105mm battery with command and spotters.


And for his opponent some American 3" anti-tank guns.





These were ordered by a chap in Germany, but will fit in here ok.




A pair of Tigers, to go on sale soon.




Nebelwerfer battery, May 2007





Some Grenadiers, painted in May 2007



This is a US Para MG Platoon, nice enough figures but FoW just isn't a game I like.


Another US Para Platoon, but mortars this time.  Both these were painted up in 2 days and went on sale on May 1st.



Some German Grenadiers that will be on ebay soon.


and a US Para platoon.  This platoon is one of the biggest they do, nearly twice as many figures as the Germans, but costs the same to buy.


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