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25mm WW2

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

I have a few(well, a lot now) 25mm WW2, using Bolt Action figures and vehicles, plus some Chieftain Models and Corgi vehicles. 



Here are the tanks I have painted this month.


Yes, I know the Chieftain is not WW2, but it's in the picture.  Most are from Chieftain Models, except the Hetzer which is a Tamiya 1/48 kit.


Heres a closer look at the Tetrarch and the mighty L6/40. 





I finally finished my British Para Platoon.  All Bolt Action, but I am going to get the Foundry ones to make up the Airlanding Squad option from Rules of Engagement.


This is them.  There are 3 squads of 10 men, 4 men for the command squad, 2 PIAT teams of 2 men each, a vickers team of 3 men and a 6pdr with 4 men.  there's also a spare Bren team as an optional upgrade.  I need another 10 man squad, plus one more PIAT to make the force complete.


And then there's the Tetrarch from Chieftain Models


Anyway, here's some more pictures.



This picture is the first squad I painted, back in May.

British Paratrooper squad, Bolt Action figures again.  I like how these came out, hopefully the rest will look the same. (And they do)



Some British infantry and 3 Universal Carriers. 

Daimler Dingo, used to find the enemy and then blow up!



I have only photographed the support weapons for these so far.  More to come later.




Loads of them, but none photographed yet.


There are also Germans and Italian Para's to be painted.  The Para's will be at Salute on a demo game run by a friend.


In fact, the Para's are now painted and have been collected for the game.  Here's a couple of pictures.


They are lovely figures with a lot of detail on them. 


I have also painted the Germans too.  I did them as Luftwaffe Field troops, so they have a blue uniform and grey helmets.  It makes a change anyway.


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