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25mm 1980's

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I have a collection of 1980's figures and vehicles from Mongrel Miniatures, Chieftain Models and Sloppy Jalopy.   

They are used mainly for roleplaying Twilight 2000 at the moment, but a game is coming soon.


Mongrel Miniatures

Some lovely figures from this small, one man company.  The newer figures just keep getting better, it's just a shame he has gone off into the Middle East.  Not my thing I'm afraid, Europe for me.

Some US Marines.  Mix of woodland and OD uniforms, just to break them up a bit.


A couple of the British infantry I have.  All in DPM's, I have over 60 British infantry, including a Milan, mortar and GPMG.

Some of them are from Gripping Beast, but the Mongrel ones are nicer.


Special Forces

The SAS pack, painted up in a mix of DPM, Woodland and OD uniforms.  Again, lovely figures.



I have over 60 Russians too, but have not taken any pictures yet.  I will do as soon as my camera returns from its trip to the zoo with my daughter.



Russian BMP-1 and BMP-2.  I have 2 BMP-1's, plus a single BMP-2.  From Sloppy Jalopy, these are lovely models.  I just need some BTR's and a BRDM now.


CVRT vehicles from Chieftain Models.  Excellent models, I have 3 Spartans, 2 Scorpions, 1 Sultan and 1 Samson.  I also have a Chieftain, which is a mighty chunk of metal and will get painted as soon as I can build up the courage to start it.  I can not recommend this company enough, he's a great guy to deal with and his models are exceptional.......even if he is a slap head!  ;-)


2 Landrovers by S&S.  These are ok, but will be replaced by Sloppy Jalopy models when they (eventually) release it.

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